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  • There is no Lyme Disease in California
    BRACE YOURSELF. It's in California, yes, SOUTHERN California, and all states of the US. It's the fastest growing infectious disease in the country, surpassing AIDS. Forget SARS, forget the Bird Flu.


  • Lyme Always Has a Bulls-Eye Rash
    DON'T WE WISH. 70% of people infected with Lyme never get a rash. Never. Yet, per the IDSA, doctors take the absence of a rash to rule Lyme out.

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Lyme really does suck and I hope all the dumb docs kids get it so they can see what we go through, I am so angry because today i got denied by the va for any help when they were the ones that let me down in 1999 and 2000. I finally got diagnosed in 2007 by a LLMD and I have positive spect scan for Lyme brain damage and positive Pcr test and it still doesn't matter they refuse to believe that I am even sick. It's so disgusting how many of us are really sick as dogs and they could care less or they think it's all in our heads.I still can't leave the house and have to lay down at least three times a day with 20 plus symptoms and they denied me help how disgusting, I am a vet and paid my dues and this doc said that I looked as healthy as a ox.

Ashley van Tol

I was looking for a contact email address for you but didn't see one.

It was recommended to me that I contact you in regards to the Painting This May Lyme Green campaign I have started.

You can find information about it at-

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

rita farmer

i wanted to get the good news out that i have my life back after sever years of being bed ridden with lymes, two co infections, chronic fatigue syn, and fibro. i made a 1500 mile trip to Medsonix in Naples, Florida, had ten treatments and after the second treatment, i went shopping for two hours. it has changed my life. The unbearable pain has gone away. i still get tired, but i have spent seven years in bed and lost tons of muscle mass and stamina. it has been one month since my first treatment and i still have no pain. i plan to start physical therapy or pool therapy to help me regain some muscle. so for me, there is light at the end of the tunnel. for the vet with lyme, my advice as take one more step and give Medsonix a try. tell them Rita sent u. it changed my life, it may change yours. if i can answer any of your questions, please email me at
God Bless all those that are suffering.

Bob Ramos

Hey Bev,
I hope everything is well with you the hubby and Silver. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Dr. Gordon and Rita Farmer appeared on TV this morning for an interview on Medsonix and Rita Spoke of her Chronic Lyme.The interview is at:

Please give my regards to your husband and Silver,
Bob Ramos 702-943-0103

Randy Fitzgerald

Bev & Silver

I love your blog and am very happy to hear about your progress with Medsonix. I will be looking into that. I have had Lyme for 5-6 years, diagnosed for 2 1/2 years and have very similar symptoms to Silver. If I could just get rid of that headache...

Your quote..."My anger was my will to live turned inside out" really hit home for me...well done.

Thank You


Hello. I live in Studio city Ca and my 5 yr old son has gestational Lyme.

Diagnosed by a Dr in Northern Ca.

I need to know it will be ok, feeling very down about all this.

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