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  • Tom Feldman, M.A., is an Emmy Award winning gaffer, a Director of Photography, producer, creater of ClearFire Media, and Board Chair of The Forge, a national organization of spiritual leaders and teachers. Bev Feldman, M.A., is the owner of StarPrompt.TV, a teleprompting service to the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Both Tom and Bev have Master's degrees in Global Studies with an emphasis on sustainability. The Feldmans are contributing authors to "Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Passion, Purpose, and Profit."

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Reviews of the Beck DVD

    For all those interested in Spiral Dynamics integral, spiritual development, Integral Theory, or organizational design, this presentation by Beck of the SD model is essential. Gratitude is due ClearFire Media for making this teaching material available. -- DR. MICHAEL SCHWARTZ
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    "ClearFire Media has produced a masterful introduction to Spiral Dynamics that will delight both newcomers and experienced practitioners of this powerful theory. The conceptual framework is laid out in a precise and strcutured way that can be easily referenced, and Dr. Beck offers many fascinating real world applications. Highly recommended!" -- RAFAEL NASSER
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    "Beck offers practical tools to cut through hopelessness, overwhelm and complexity. It will change your life ... it has for me." --MARTIN RUTTE, Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
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