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  • Bev Feldman lives in Southern California and owns StarPrompt.TV teleprompting service. Besides being a legendary prompter goddess, she's a writer, poet, artist, wife and mother. She has an MA in Global Studies.
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LOL that’s a nice script there, and it would probably work. I actually work for DISH Network and I used to be one of the folks that cancelled accounts. While I tried to ask a few questions too, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, and a time you have to recognize that the only way to provide good customer service is to let that customer go as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said though, there’s been a lot of times where customers called in to cancel because they had a very simple and easy problem to fix, or because they were being given false information from another source—it is those instances that I’m glad I asked a few questions. Still though from everything I hear, DirecTV isn’t doing the right thing very often, in fact it seems like you have to go to the news to get them to treat customers right as shown in this article:

It’s sad that that had to go so far.


I know I was lied to about my account from a service agent. An they were going to interrupt my service without a 24hour notice so I could do an extension. So As I was explaining to one agent who did not tell me they were transferring me to yet another agent, then me an this other agent went round and round. Finally I told her to cancel my account, an then it was on, for 45 minutes I got so frustrated I hung up I wanted my account cancelled.
The agent called back, and I went again another round with this agent. I am so frustrated with this company and I feel as though I am being held hostage. I have been with directv for 8years. I use to love this company, but now I feel as though they have lost sight of their customers and what their customers use to mean to them.
Their service is horrible now, and God forbid you want to cancel, if you don't have a miagraine just go through the process and you will be popping an excedrin faster than you can say directv.


I love this! Direct tv is the worst company I have ever dealt with. It is a rip off.

Kevin Schmitt

I'm a four channel guy. I sure wish my bill could reflect my watching habits.

Jerri Lynn Jackson

I recently contacted Directv about when my $200.00 deposit would be refunded because they told me I had to pay the deposit because my credit was not good enough. That was when I was informed that it was unrefundable! How can this be legal for Directv to keep my money just because my credit wasn't up to their standards? I was also told that they charge some people $300. Was that suppossed to make me feel better? If I had good credit, I wouldn't have had to pay a deposit & therefore I would not be having this problem! I wonder what the better business bureau could tell me about this! I guess I will be finding out.


Had my roommate try to cancel the account and they wouldn't let him. I am deployed and when we set the account up I added the other two people I live with to the account. They authorize them buying, paying bills, adding/removing stuff but refuse them to cancel. Guess the FTC will get involved. F-off Direct TV.

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